Long Term Care

Under our Geriatric services, our physician, offers long term care services. Long term services are typically meant for clients, who had to move to a group home settings, assisted living settings or nursing home settings. All facilities will have in house, physician to meet the institutional needs as well as their resident needs for a monthly payment for rent, custodial care, and nursing care if applicable. Please note services we provider are physician services, which include evaluation and management of chronic illness and flare ups. Nursing and Custodial Care services are provided through the facility client has contracted in at the time of admission. Residents, at these facilities can choose an independent physician, who has expertise, knowledge, in patients above the age of 75. Long term care residents generally face with polypharmacy including use of tranquilizers to manage agitation, insomnia, and combativeness. Our physicians will provide directions how to avoid these polypharmacy and avoid use of tranquilizers.

Common conditions our Providers Treat:

  • Chronic Disease Management including but not limited to Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Respiratory Conditions, Blood Disorders, Bladder and Bowel Conditions, etc
  • Acute Infections/Acute Care Treatment
  • Health Maintenance/Preventive Care

Our long term care services provide, telephone support, video visit support and weekly in facility visit to address the facility needs, such as quarterly review of Medication Administration Record, POS review , Falls and Injury notifications etc. Telephone support, Video Visit support has to be purchased separately and are limited to non urgent matters.. Face to face visits at facility is limited to once every three months and is covered by most of the insurances. Sick visits at the facility is available at the time of weekly in facility rounds, if the resident or poa requests. Contact our office to find out more details.

Services include:

  • Primary Care
  • Health Maintenance
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Employment Related Wellness Visits
  • Pediatric Physicals
  • Women's Health Services
primary care - doctor with stethoscope

Diagnostic Services:

  • EKGs (Electrocardiograms)
  • Pulmonary Spirometry
  • CLIA waived lab testing
  • Blood Draws
  • Pulse Oximetry


Our Providers assess patients at our outpatient clinics, area nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

We strive to offer a continuum of care from home to long term care facilities such as nursing homes, rehab centers, and assisted living facilities. Our Providers are available for Consult and Primary Care services in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Geriatrics, and Long Term Care.

Currently the practice offers services at the following facilities:

  • Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center
  • Golden Living Nursing Home
  • Brookdale Senior Living
  • Carriage Hill Nursing Home
  • Woodmont Nursing Home
  • Heritage Hall Nursing Home
  • Falls Run Nursing Home
  • Chancellor's Village